Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Everyday is an examination for us as human if we realised it. Too bad we only realise the big examination

8 more days to go, I'm going to have a rematch. Rematch which I have lost twice. Yes, I ain't that smart, I ain't that strong. However that lost taught me to be a better person. Without that lost, I won't realise what the reality of this world is. No success comes easily, everything is about sacrifice. How much are you willing to sacrifice. My field is about human's life. Not an easy task unless you really gives your whole heart to it.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologise for all my wrong doing. Pray for my success in my rematch.

26 May 2011- Pathology practical
30 May 2011- Pharmacology practical
18 June 2011- Pathology written
19 June 2011- Pathology oral
17 July 2011 - Pharmacology written
18 July 2011 - Pharmacology oral

As usual, I'll march in as underdog. I'll do my best for Him, parents, family, religion, nation, world & you.
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