Saturday, 26 December 2009

Stuck in between?

Suddenly feel like writing at 4 am in the morning~

How does it feels like if you're stuck in between two important things and you have to choose one?

How does it feels like if you're stuck between the old one and the new one and you have no choice but to choose one?

How does it feels like if you're stuck between two people that you love and yet you need to choose one of them?

How does it feel like if you're stuck between two careers that you dream to be and yet you need to go with only one of them?

How does it feel like if you're stuck between your love one and your family?

How does it feel like if you're stuck between two things which are very important to you?

In our life, we always get stuck in between a lot of things and yet we need to do a lot of decisions which may hurt a lot of people and may gain more rivals who hate you just because of your decisions. Well it seems that this type of dilemma will never end in our life. Even the first thing we do before going out from house which is to choose which clothes to wear may make us to be stuck in between the decisions to be made. How to make a good decision? How to say yes to one side and no to one side without hurting any of them? It seems very impossible.

What I can see is lots of people are always in dilemma to do a lot of decision for themselves. Allah, please guide me to do the best decision for myself and for the people around me since I can't avoid myself from doing a decision if I'm stuck between two things. I don't mean to hurt people around me but when it comes in doing a decision, sometimes one side is going to be hurt.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Between yourself,love,family and marriage

Assalamualaikum dear readers.

I m writing again now at 3:55am in the morning after hours of studying microbiology.
Actually there's something that I would like to share with all of you today. It might be or might not be interesting. It depends on how you look at it.

During the holidays I spent sometime watching Malay drama. What I can see and get from that drama is to get a right spouse and to build a marriage is not as easy as what we think. Lots of us when it comes to decide to get a good partner, we'll only think about love. Love between us and him or her. However, how many of us think deeper before doing any decision. What I can see base on my experience, lots of us are blinded by the word LOVE. Yes, Love is blind. It is really blind if we let love control our mind. It should be us who control our love not love to control our life. Yes, it is undeniable love can bring good things too. Some of the people who I know who always failed in examinations can pass their examination when they are in love. However sometimes it is the other way round. Maybe when we failed because of the so called love then we'll realize that love isn't that great for us.

However, the reality is we are always masked by the sweetness of love during the dating phase without thinking of the next phase which is the marriage phase. How do we choose our spouse actually? By looks, intelligence, faith, wealth or sincerity? Yes, your choice may suite yourself, but have you ever think of the people around you, people who you love and people who love you like your family especially your parents. Have you ever thought of their feelings? How will they feel when you are getting married with this certain woman of your choice? Are they happy or satisfied with your choice? Yes it is true that it is you who is going to get married with your partner and not your parents but bare in mind, your life is not all about you and your wife/husband.

Think about it. How is it going to be if your partner shows disrespect to your parents? How is it going to be if your partner being unfair between her family and yours? Will you let all of these ruin your life? Believe me. If all these affect your life, happiness will not always be with you. How and how are you going to solve this problem? I don't know about the others. I have no doubt that I love my parents and family. Yet , I would like to live with the woman that I love. I think all of you will have the same thought on this. How to get this problem solved? I leave it to you. Different people have different point of view and different ways of solving problem. Frankly speaking, I'll let my parents decide and hopefully my own choice of spouse will suite their criteria of their daughter-in-laws. I don't want to get stuck between parents and wife because of disagreement between them. This is something that shouldn't happen because for me it is a minute thing that can be avoid if you know how to deal with it.

Secondly, have you ever tried to think between your career life and love? I mean you are someone who have a bright future and someone who think of having a pleasurable and successful life but all of that have to be forgotten because of love. Trust me love can stop you from doing a lot of thing. An unhappy marriage can ruin you career although you are a great man or woman. So, how to settle this problem? Am I thinking too far or too much? I don't think so. Why do I say so? It's because I have seen it before. A lot of marriages are spoilt by money and wealth. Think of it my dear readers.

I think I have to stop now. I need to get on with my study. Thank you for reading my small piece of mind.