Monday, 6 June 2011


Assalamualaikum W.B.T

Suddenly this topic comes into my mind, after looking at recent situation of our society especially our religion and our race. I don't know if anyone realise it, but what I can say is we rarely have the thought of WIN-WIN situation. What we always want is a WIN-LOSE situation which actually means LOSE-LOSE situation.

It may seems not logic as what we see from the naked eyes when there's a win-lose situation , of course, there will be a group of winner that will be glad of their winning without any sympathy towards the losers. Yes, indeed, glory for the winners but hatred for the losers. The winners will go around boasting their success while the losers will go around taking the sympathy of others by implementing hatred in the society towards the winner.

To all those outside, it's time for us to think about a win-win situation. For the sake of of religion, race and country. Others can unite when there's an issue which that harm their religion and race while we are not consistent in being unite towards our own issues and agenda.
We should realise, there should be a full stop from being used by the others. Using us just to get the support from Muslims to support their agenda of pluralism and equality of religion in our country.

We can look, feel, analyse and think. While we are offering to be unite with our own brothers and sisters of Islam, some of them rejected. Throw away those old hatred and revenge of older generation. The younger generation should think wisely, not being mess up by unhealthy doctrine of hatred without any deep analysis. It is sad to see younger generation to hate each other without knowing the real reason. They just simply do so because of that unwise, unhealthy, non-intelligence , selfish doctrines.

Not condemning the older generation, but the society will be more healthy if some of those who are being the CAUSE of this society illness is being eradicated for the sake of the society and also for the sake of themselves. Past is past. There's no eternity for living creature. Don't overstay your welcome. There are more important things then your personal agendas.

Younger generation, think wisely. Get a win-win situation. Sad to see some groups who keep on attacking those who never disturb their life. Are you scared of your own shadows? Why attack people if you are right? The right will always overcome the wrong without having to do unhealthy provocation. You will reflect yourself by your words and action.
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