Thursday, 18 February 2010

Three years ago....

My winter holidays will end very soon. I am going back to Egypt this Saturday. I am going to miss everything here. I had a nice Chinese New Year holidays with my family. I'll really miss them.

My posting today is about three years ago.  Viewing my files in my disk I found lots of pictures. I found this folder containing pictures in Labuan Matriculation College. I was there for about 3 months. It was fun and I learnt lots of things there. I got to know a lot of people with different personality. I won't forget that place because it taught me some great lessons of life.

This was my lecture hall. A lot bigger than the one in Egypt

 Miss Mardianah Chemistry tutor

Co-Curricular activity in Pantai Pancur Hitam

Chemistry Lab: With Amirah, Elfira

Mr. Mahid English lecturer

Titrating during Chemistry lab

With Ira on my last day in KML. It was on Friday, I took the night flight to go back to KK

This is a special one. I bought this Calvin Klein Crave perfume in Labuan. I still have it till now. This is the latest picture of it. I didn't bring it to Cairo. So it last till now. I only use it during holidays. Seldom use it because it has been discontinued. At least, I still have something from Labuan which I keep till now.

I don't even know why do I post this. Time flies really fast. 3 years ago is just like 3 seconds ago. I wish everyone good luck in their life. Keep in touch my KML friends: Siti Nur Hidayah (Aremoy), Pamela Daine, Ira, Siti Nurasyikin (Ckin),  Amirah, Reens, Elfira, Joanda, Arory, AKMAL and the others. Facebook always there.Miss the time there....