Sunday, 8 May 2011


This is my life. I have chosen this path and I have to live with. What is important is I have learn how to enjoy it to make it easier for me. As there is a saying in Chinese which stated that 心不難事就不難。Pronounce as "xin bu nan, shi jiu bu nan" which means if we put our heart in doing something , nothing is going to be difficult.

Therefore, in doing anything or choosing any path in your life, ask yourself why are doing this? For me, medicine is my ambition since young, so no regrets for me to be in this line. For those who are still studying like me work hard then work smart. Hardwork is a lot more effective than working smart.

There is no shortcut in life. Sometimes trying to take a shortcut will lead you to a longer path to reach your destiny.

Bare in mind my dear friends, time does not wait for us but is us who are catching up with time. That's all for now class starting in few minutes.

Wan Sherhan
Pathology Lab

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