Sunday, 15 March 2009

Love what you have but not to have what you Love

Love what you have but not to have what you Love.....

Such a confusing topic for me to discuss. Maybe it does happen to almost all of us, so that is why I decide to discuss about it.

Yes, sometimes, we may face a situation where we love something so much that we want to have it. It's not wrong to fight and work to get what we love. We are always taught to work hard and to give 100% commitment to aim for our goals which are actually what we love. However the harder we work and the more we give the higher the risk to fail and to get hurt. So we have to be prepared at anytime to accept the fact the things that we love are not meant to be ours. This will make yourself well prepared mentally and physically to go through the ups and down in our life. I am saying this because I've been through all these before. Disappointment and getting hurt are normal in life. That is why you have to learn to "Love what you have but not to have what you Love".

Yes, in achieving what we want, sometimes we don't realise that we have something good around us, which maybe not as good as what we want to achieve but it is still good. Sometimes we tend to forget and to not appreciate what is around us just because we are trying to get something. It is because we give too much of ourselves to that particular "object" until we neglect other "objects" that are as good as the one that we are trying to have. Yes , it is undeniable for a human being to aim high and to get something better. That is why I want to stress it out that "Love what you have but not to have what you Love" is not applicable in every situation. However in some situation you have to hold to this principle. Try to learn to apply it in some situations. It is all up to you to decide. To Love what you have now, or to go for what you Love but you are still not convinced to achieved it.

*Actually this topic do bother me to do some decisions*


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