Thursday, 19 March 2009

Is the past so hard to be forgotten?

Is the past so hard to be forgotten?

Because of the past, we may be happy= dont' need to forget and use it as a motivation
Because of the past, we are sad= must forget
Because of the past, we hurt the person now= forget the past & appreciate the present

How many of us can follow the formula above? It's always the opposite of it. We tend to forget lot of sweet memories, but remember the sad ones. We tend to think about sad things which makes us lose our motivation to do anything. This is wrong. How many of us can avoid this? Lots of us will not obey the formula above including the writer himself. This is just because our own feelings overcome our mind.

Lastly, sometimes because of the past, we tend to hurt the people now (present). Come on, we need to learn to forget the past and appreciate the present. If this can't be done, it will be a chain and a cycle. Because of someone's past I was hurt and because of my past someone is hurt. It will go on just like that. Hoping for the past to come back? It's normal but it is for yourself to think if it is worth to do it? I am also asking myself that question.

In conclusion, we need to learn to let go and forget things that are supposed to be forgotten. This will make your life better and more peaceful


saye said...

Disaat satu pintu kebahagiaan tertutup,
pintu yang lain dibukakan,
tetapi acapkali kita terpaku,
pada pintu yang tertutup,
sehingga tidak melihat pintu lain yang dibukakan..

jgn pandang belakang..past is past..
dh ade peluang tu..teruskan..

pameladaine said...

make me thinking..
*thumb ups for this writing*