Tuesday, 17 March 2009

17 May 2009

17 May 2009, 17 degree Celsius quite cold.

What a long day in University today. From 8 am till 3:30pm. However, I am quite glad that my last task as a presenter for the presentation in my University for this year ended today. It's not praising myself, but I am quite glad that at last I presented psychology well and fluently. Hearing the word "excellent" from your Professor is a satisfaction.

Some may say I am gifted or what to do presentation. However in my opinion, everyone can be trained to do that. I was exposed to this kind of situation since my kindergarten life. Thanks to my mom who was my first teacher to give a speech. Without you, I may not have this kind of experience. It is undeniable that talking in front of people needs a great guts. However, train yourself, tell yourself you can do it. You'll need public communication skill when you are entering the working phase in your life. Especially doctors, you should learn how to present yourself to your patient so that they can build a strong confident on you. Public speaking is really fun. Starting as a representative to give a speech during my kindergarten graduation then joining story telling, public speaking for MTQ, and lastly debate in my high school. In God's Will, I will continue all these till the end.
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Pic in memory...

All saints debate 2nd round defeating Sekolah Menengah Sains SABAH

answering point of information

won the final but it wasn't that good. Did not performed well

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Melissa: Gilaaaa i remember that hair Sherhan!! XD spiky oooo >.<