Thursday, 24 February 2011

Malaysia Model Of Varied Races Living In Harmony - Malaysian Student Leader

Malaysia Model Of Varied Races Living In Harmony - Malaysian Student Leader
KOTA KINABALU, Feb 19 (Bernama) -- Sabahan Wan Sherhan , a third-year medical student of Cairo's Ain Shams University, is anxiously waiting for the green light to continue his studies in Egypt.

Nevertheless, he took time off to give motivational talks to Sabah students here, on the need to realise the 1Malaysia aspirations.

Speaking from his perspective as a foreign student in Egypt, he said although that country had almost a single race with Arabic, being the main language, unity still eluded them.

"We are lucky in Malaysia, we have so many races, and in Sabah alone we have more than 30 etnic groups...yet, we are united and enjoy a peaceful life.

"Malaysia is truly a model of many different races living in harmony," he said when giving a talk to students of SMK Likas near here Saturday.

Wan Sherhan, who is Cairo Umno club chairman, said demonstration or violence was not the answer to whatever disappointments endured in the name of democracy.

"Although they can probably change the situation the way they want, the payback in the reconstruction for damage is so huge...we don't want this to happen in our country," he said.

In this respect, he called on the students and young people in the country to play a vital role in helping to realise the nation s aspirations and visions.

Wan Sherhan said the people, particularly the younger generation, should embrace the 1Malaysia concept introduced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak for the common good.