Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Story of someone....

Another story of a person I know whom I know very well.

This person was born about 19 years ago in a small place in our country. After a year he was brought to the city of his state. There he was brought up by his parents. His parents was strict and yet loving towards him. Since he was small he always hear a line from his father "study hard, get good results and get scholarship". He asked why? His father answered " I am not a wealthy person." Then he understand that in order to continue his study next time, he needs to struggle hard. One day, when he was 3 years old, he saw a great person in the television. That person was our 4th Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohammed. That boy asked his father, "How to be a doctor like him?" His father replied, "You need to study hard. It's not easy even to get into a medical school. Besides you need a lot of money to study medicine."

Since that day onwards, this boy keep a dream to be a doctor. Whenever people asked him about his ambition, he answered that he wants to be a doctor. Some of them gave him support while some of them just smiled. He get his early education in a Kindergarten when he was four. Then he went to a primary school. He wasn't a great student in the early stage. His parents were always upset by his results. Since is always in the 6th and 7th position in class. It was until he went into primary 3 where he made some miracle to get 1st in class. Then, he sat for a special exam called PTS. Again he succeed and get into primary 5 without going into primary 4. As usual he needs to sit for UPSR. Again he scored straight A's in UPSR. Seems a nice flow. He got offer from a science boarding school but he declined the offer.

Till he get into Secondary school, again life is like a roller coaster, sometimes up and sometimes down. Again his result drop like hell. Sorry for using the harsh word. Again he gets scolding and some "rattan" from his parents. He told me that it's a usual way of his parents to get him discipline. Well I guess thanks to his parents again he did a miracle in his PMR by getting straight 8 A's. Boy of luck. That's what people called him. Again he got another offer from the same boarding school and again he declined. Then in his high school phase he found a hard time to go through everything. However he knew that he is going to sit for SPM which will determine if he can achieve his so called ambition, a doctor. Yes again he made some miracle to score all A's but there's catch a B for biology. By getting a B for biology may wipe off all his hope to be a doctor. His teacher told him in Malay " Macam mana mau jadi doktor, Bio kamu B, percaya dengan cikgu, kamu takkan dapat punya" However he didn't give up his ambition. He applied every scholarship. He was rejected every time. His parents started to get upset because he is too stubborn for not giving up his dreams. It was until one day, a friend of him told him that there's a scholarship offer for a medical school in a place overseas. He applied and he got it. After all those hectic and depressing moment after his results.

Now that friend of mine is a 3rd year medical student. He went through hard time during his first year by repeating 2 subjects. Luckily he passed them in the summer exam. 2nd year he did better, he passed everything in one go. He is not excellent actually but what he always tell me and people is never give up with your dreams. Don't bother what people say. Go for your dream because you'll never know if your dreams will come true. His spirit should be an example to everyone.

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