Saturday, 5 September 2009

Goodbye Female Medical Ward Unit 2 Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Finally, today, the 5th of September 2009 I have finish my elective posting (attachment) in Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Three weeks of attachment starting from 18th of August 2009.

It started from the first day where I went there to report duty in the main office. After that I was assigned to Dr. Michelle a hematology specialist. I was actually assigned to medical department. Since I am a new medical student, just going to be in 3rd year, Dr. Michelle decided to put me in the Female Medical Ward Unit 2. It is a general ward where we can see variety of cases.

Basically my first day, I was in the general clinic under Dr. Chu. There, I found it really hard because I was asked a lot of question. Since I didn't do any preparation, I can't really answer his question. He told me to study hard sarcastically. It was the end of my first day.

My 2nd day was even more tough, I introduce myself to Dr Leslie, a MO in the ward. He asked me lots of question and I still can't answer the question much. Again I was asked to study hard. My 3rd day and later on seems getting better. I got lots of question such as what can u learn in the ward as a 2nd year student. I ignored because I know I can learn anything I want there. Besides learning medical stuff, I also learn lots of other things such as the spirit of a doctor, how's doctor's life will be in future and also team spirit.

There I learn to do physical examination which I never learn as a pre-clinical student in my place. Besides, I learn to do lots of things. Blood sampling, abdominal tapping, lumbar puncture , central vein placement and also life saving skill. I also learnt to communicate with patients, I start to learn to understand patient feelings and also started to learn that not all of us are very lucky in this world. Lots of situation in the ward touched my feelings. I am asking myself do I really deserve to be a doctor? My first few days in the ward made me hate to go but as time goes by I started to fall in love with this job. I am sure I really want this job. After keeping this ambition for 17 years, now I can be very sure, I really want to be a doctor. I don't mind being tired after all day round. I don't mind be scolded by the specialist or MOs. It's my passion.

Here, I would like to thank Dr Hanizam Jaafar, specialist in the ward, MOs, Dr Leslie and Dr Wong not to forget my two best friend and also my great teacher, Dr Ho Hee Khen and Dr Chua Seng Hui and also Dr. Syazwan Jeffrey, my senior in High School. Thanks for teaching me a lot of things. I also would like to thank the Sister and Staff Nurses such as Staff Nurse Rosani, Nancy and Zainab for teaching me lots of basic skills. Not to forget student nurses, Nur Izaidah, Azyan, Fauziah, Heneritta, Ivin, Ivonne, Jeaniffer, Hafizah for your help in the ward, I wish you all the best. Jeaniffer I'll always remember how you wrote on the temperatute an BP chart for people who has fever and high BP. You wrote there "Informmed Dr. Wan" funny, I am just a student. It's ok that's what I'll remember for always. What makes me comfortable in the ward is their laughter and warmness. It feels like a family in the ward. To the patients, I pray that you all will get well soon thanks for your cooperation for letting examine all of you. Another funny experience a patient a student from boarding school said " Doctor can you give me MC?" I answered, " I can't, but the HOs can give you one". A lot of funny things. Patient's family member asking me when are they going to be discharge and many more, I also would like to thank a special MA student far away in Kedah for always giving me a lot of informations although she is having exam. I have no doubt that you are much better than me. Thanks Pamela Daine. Wish you all the best.

Last but not least, I will miss Female Medical Unit 2, I hope to see all of you again in future. Please pray for my success. This special experience and memories in the ward will be kept with forever. I'll miss those time there especially when I am back there in Cairo. Adios......

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