Saturday, 8 August 2009

Out of difficulty makes miracle

Assalamualaikum dear friends,
After a short break from writing, at last, an idea suddenly struck out from my mind to write about: out of difficulty makes miracle. I still doubt to either write in English or in my beloved national language Bahasa Malaysia. However, since almost the whole world understand English better, I'll write in English. It's not that I am denying the importance of Bahasa Malaysia but it's just that I choose to write in English. If I have time, I'll write it's translation in Bahasa Malaysia.
Okay, we'll start to talk about the topic. It sounds nonsense right? How can difficulty causes miracle? Miracle? Does miracle ever happen in this world? I asked myself that question before. You should ask yourself if miracle will ever happen in this world? Big question mark for us? Maybe if we found the answer, it would change our life.
Enough with that confusing introduction. Let's see about difficulty. I have no doubt all of us had gone through at least some diffculties in our life. Don't be hypocrite and say you have never faced difficulties. Yes maybe some really never faced it, just like one of my friend who is always accompanied by his "luck". Ask yourself my dear friends, what would you do if you are facing difficulty or any obstacles in your life? Faced it, run away from it, settle it or even deny it? Any problem can come to us at anytime. It can be anything. It can be about your carrier, your love life, your friendship, your family and even it maybe just between you and yourself.
Obstacle or difficulty is not always a bad thing that will harm your life if you really know what you should do to handle it. I'll give you some examples. This are quite real examples where I have seen in my life. There's a student, who failed few subjects in his first year of studies. It was a very hard year for him. With that failure, he faced another obstacle where he lost his so called beloved girlfriend who left him for no reason. It seems so difficult right? I am doubting myself if I could go through this type of obstacle if it ever happen to me. However, this student, despite of being heart broken because of his failure and his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, he told himself, he will prove to the others that he will never let these failures affect his new life and he will prove to the others he will manage to go through his second year without failing. Yes, everyone including his very own family doubt his ability when he failed, but he prove to everyone that he can do miracle by passing his second year with flying colours.
Well here it shows that, miracles can happen anytime in one condition which is you must work for it. Miracles will never come just like a rolling ball. What I would like to say here is never give up if you are tested with obstacles in your life. You should work a way out to handle and go through all the difficulties in your life. No one can help you if you don't help yourself. No one can motivate you if you don't motivate yourself. No one can change you if you don't change with your own will. So, let us together work hard to achieve our goal and change towards the better side.
"For him are (angels) taking turns (on end) even before him and even behind him, preserving hi from the command of Allah. Surely Allah does not change what is in a people until they change what is in themselves; and when Allah wills (to inflict) an odious (treatment) on a people, then there is no turning back for it; and apart from Him, in no way do they have any patron." -Surah Ar-Ra'd phrase 11-
That's all for now.
Salam 1 Malaysia, Rakyat didahulukan, Pencapaian diutamakan


Anonymous said...

sori kalau penah jadi one of your DIFFICULTY..promise..wont DISTURB u lg...nice knowing you for about 4 month..hope u doin well...sorii..sorii..soriii.. dr hujung rambut sampai ujung kaki..xde niat pon..sorii kalau ganggu hidop..soriiii..-SuperWoman-

Anonymous said...

Cik SUPERWOMAN.. Saya tak pernah anggap manusia sebagai sebarang difficulty saya.. Kamu xpernah disturb saya cik SUPERWOMAN. Saya gembira dapat berkawan dgn kamu. Semoga persahabatan kita kekal selamanya.