Sunday, 30 August 2009

Heart & Feelings

"I would ask all of you, how many of you really know about heart and feelings? How many of you dare to admit that you are a specialist in these things? I wouldn't admit too. Why? I am not a good person to be ask when it comes to all these feelings type of things. Looking at my tract record too, I don't have a really good tract records when it comes to feelings. I have to admit that I am not good in taking care of people feelings. I've been working on it time to time. However, sometimes I do feel that people aren't taking care of my feelings too. Why? I can't answer why? Sometimes I feel that I gave my best for someone, but I don't get any good things in return. Well that's life, you shouldn't ask for anything in return for what you did. That's what people usually say.

Experience of being hurt? Too many to say. Experience of hurting? Yes and it was a stupid one. I have to admit, I was so stupid to hurt her. Hurting someone who is really sincere to you just because of someone who hurt you at last. Regrets? Yes, regrets of whole life. I lost a good and sincere friend. I'll may find lots of friends in my life but not someone like her. Losing someone like her is a great loss for me. Seems like there's always something that stop me from seeing her. I do hope to see her again. I know I am not that so called loyal kind of person. I know that I don't deserve her even as a friend. I hope she'll forgive me. I no it's useless to say that."

story from a friend of mine, a really close friend of mine.


Anonymous said...

sometime your think that you give the best but actually it is not...if u still thinking like that....maybe its true..but someday you will find someone really can take care of your heart well... as a friend i do hope you find somebody that suite with you....n HIDOP HANYA SEKALI>>>>> SO KITER ENJOY!!!! ;p

Anonymous said...

it's not wrong to tell ur feeling to the person..who knows she's on u..u wouldnt know until u did it