Sunday, 12 April 2009

Psychology Conference

Assalamualaikum My dear readers,

On the 7th of April, I was selected by the faculty to represent Malaysian Medical Students of Ain Shams University to give a talk on Object Perception and Recognition. It was a great honour to me for being the only Malaysian to speak on that day.

It started with an invitation from the faculty. I received an invitation card from Dr. Mohd Amr. He called me for a few times before he reached me. Well the time wasn't right. I was in the class everytime he called. When called me he addressed me as Dr. Wan Sherhan. I don't think deserve that for now. It's still too early to call me that although it is like a usual thing here. It was stated in the invitation card too... Hopefully people can really call me that by the end of 2013.

invitation card

Okay, finish about the invitation part. On that meaningful day itself, I went to the conference with Azmie and Abang Firdaus(Pindoy). We drove a car there. Well, I was quite touched to see my first year junior rushed to the conference after their class. I really appreciate it. Thanks to Nini, Inn, Dina and It. Thanks for your support all the way. Well, for 2nd year only Azmie turn up. Thank you Azmie. My groupmates, although you don't turn up, I understand it was quite late, thank for your support it. I do hope someone appear that day but she just doesn't turn up. Maybe she just didn't know about it. One thing I do hope but it didn't happen that day was to have my parents there. Both Papa and Both Mami, I would like to show you that your son, at last, did something well. Although I dissapointed you last year, Papa and Mami, this year I'll try my best to not to dissapoint you again. I won't be back till I succeed 2nd year..

After everything was done, we went to have our dinner in a Chinese Restaurant here.
Thanks to everyone for their support.
Proud to be a Malaysian. Malaysia BOLEH!! Allahuakhbar!!


nakula sadewa said...

cool..damned cool

pinksterz said...

fuiyooo hebat tuu di-invite! :D

okay this is totally unrelated comment (walhal memang tujuan asal tulis comment haha) but weiiiiiiii the more than words always stuck in my head wtf everytime i visit your blog! gila ah. please can email to me the song (if you got the mp3) ah since i am super lazy to search for it and download it? *bagi senyuman paling best gitu* HAHA!

cath said...

proud of you.. :)

Anonymous said...

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