Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Criteria of Future spouse


It's examination month now. Yes indeed it's a busy period now, but I'll try to take some of my hectic precious time to write. Since there is a saying all work no play make jack a dull boy.. Something like that I think. I would like to talk about an interesting topic which I want to share to everyone today. Criteria of future spouse. Well , I am talking about this doesn't mean that I am crazy of it. It's just a sharing for everyone.

What is the criteria of a future spouse that I wish to have. I won't touch from religious perspective because I would like to leave this to people who know better. First of all, can't be denied is the way she look like. This doesn't mean than I want a great top model. Just a moderate one. It's human's nature to love nice and beautiful things. Secondly, I would like someone who can understand Chinese culture and can live with it. Which may mean a Chinese or a half Chinese. Why do I want this? Both my moms are Chinese, so want it or not you have to live with it. I don't want to create any havoc just because of different culture or style. Is it impossible for me to get a Chinese or half Chinese spouse? I don't think it's impossible. Both my father did it. :) Just an option, not obligatory to be Chinese. *preferably*

After that, she must understand my life an my career. Being a future doctor by God's will , of course I'll have different lifestyle from the others so I don't want her to feel bad about this. Maybe only a doctor can understand a doctor. Haha. Well, next, I hope she can support me in everything I do, remind me when I am wrong and work together with me to get a great success. Behind every successful Man is a woman. Haha.

Well, lastly and most importantly, she must be a family kind of woman. Why? Staying with my parents is my plan in future. They did too many things for me. There's no way to pay back their kindness towards me besides being with them all the time. My spouse should understand this too and I won't forget your family too. Without our parents we are nothing. No matter how successful you are, never forget your parents, you'll never be greater than them because they are your first teacher. You can't pay back what they have done to you even by giving your life to them.

Enough for today, such a meaningless post..
* just writing about it doesn't mean I already have found the person*


Ms_Mui2 said...

hoho...memilih gak ek..ngeee

hameezah said...

hehe. jodoh kita d tgn tuhan. but, suma bnda tu kita juga.