Sunday, 20 April 2008

Mother's Doa, A Way Towards Heaven (20 April 2008)

Dear friends,

Let me start my post with a phrase from Al-Quran which is Phrase 36 from Surah An-Nisa' :

And worship Allah and do no associate anything with Him. And (show) fairest (companionship) to parents, your family, the orphans, the indigent and the neighbour who is near kinsman and the neighbour who is strangers an the companion at your side, and the wayfarer, and what your right hands possess. Surely Allah does not love whoever has been conceited (and) constantly boastful.

Dear friends,

Islam demand us to be good to our parents and this is one of the command from Allah SWT that we must fullfil. As a child of our parents, we should be polite , be thankful to them. Besides, we shall never be rough to them and we should always be thankful and always thankful for what they have done for us all these while. They sacrified their energy, time , money and etc. just to fullfil our need so that we are in good care and can grow up in a comfortable and ideal environment. Therefore, there is no doubt for us to be good to our parents as what's being stated in Surah Al-Isra' Phrase 23:
And your Lord has decreed that you should not worship any except Him (only) and (to show) fairest companionship to parents; in case ever one or both of them reaches old age in your presence, do not say to them, "Fie!" nor scold the ; and speak to them respectful words.
All of these really proves to us that we should be good to our parents esspecially to our mother. Why and why and why? Have you ever thought of how much did your mother sacrified for you at the time of pregnancy. 9 months of pregnancy and being ended with a highly risk labour that may lead to fatal. This period of pregnancy and labour itself shows how much our mother love us. I don't deny the importance of father but there is a hadith of Rasulullah SAW:
"From Muawiyah bin Haidatal Qusyairi : I asked Rasulullah : who should we be good to? Rasulullah answered : Your mother. I asked: who's next? Rasulullah answered : Your mother. Again I asked : Who's next? Again he answered : Your mother. Again I asked : Who' next your father and the people near to you."
Rasulullah had also stated that : Heaven is beneath the sole of the foot of your Mother.
See how much Islam has raised the status of a woman. This truly prove the speculation by the others that Islam doesn't appreciate woman wrong.
Dear friends,
Since Mother's Day is approaching, have you ever thought of a way to appreciate your mother?
It's good if you have thought of it. Or you just start to think about your mother during festivals and some special ocasions. The truth is, you should show your appreciation to your mother in every second of your life.
This serve as a reminder to my friends and I who are student studying overseas and also all of the people in this world. Remember, Prayer from a mother is a way or a road towards heaven.
Hope this short reminder could benefit us.

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