Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Life After Death (22 April 2008)


Dear friends,
Death. Scary? Or just ordinary?
It is undeniable that everyone in this world will face death. The only thing is we don't know how and when we are going to die. Death cannot be delayed nor be made fast even a second.
What will happen after death? Of course, physically we see when someone die, the person will be buried in the proper way. However no one knows what is happening to us after death. No one can see nor no one can feel unless he is death and death cannot be reversed so no one can tell us what happen after death except Allah through our Al-Quran.
Before the dooms day, we are in the pathway towards it which is life in the burial ground. Life there is untill the judgement day itself. How's life during that time? It all depend on our deed in the world. If we did lots of good thing, we will be get a good payback but if it is the other way round, I guess you know what you'll get.
According to Surah Al-Mukminun phrase 99-100:
Until, when death comes to one of them, he says, "Lord! Return me that possibly I will do righteousness in that which I have left behind." "Not at All!" surely it is the only word he say, and beyond them is an isthmus until the Day they are made to rise again.
My dear friends,
We never know when we are going to die. Come on! Lets do a lot good deeds towards Allah and to each other. This because after we die we can't bring anything with us except the deed that we have done in this world. Lets perform all Allah's instructions because Allah is Fairest of all. He knows what we deserve and what we don't.

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