Saturday, 19 April 2008

Alhamdulillah! Thank You Allah! (19 April 2004)

Well, this is my first blog. I still haven't found any factors that made me start to blog. Assalamualaikum and Hello to everyone. Ahlan Wahsalan Marhaban Bikum.

Surely today, I am so thankful to Allah, that I was given the joy of Iman and Islam, besides many more other joy and success in my life. Alhamdulillah, I was given then chance to get continue my study in this lovely place which is Egypt. It is one of the most magical place in the world. Besides showing my thankfulness to Allah, I would like to show my thankfulness to my parents, siblings, family, friend and not to be forgotten the government, esspecially Sabah State Government for giving a full sponsorship of my study here. It is not that I am thanking them 100% for all I had achieved for all this while. I know and I understand that all of these come from Allah SWT the one and only Almighty God. However, if I am not mistaken, one of the way to be thankful to Allah SWT is to be thankful among ourselves. This is a logic matter. Well, we as human, of course would help people sincerely without hoping for any payback. However, we also don't asked for any backstabbers that betrayed us. Dear friends, what would you feel if you helped somebody and you are betrayed by that person. Do you want that to happen to you? Of course not. So, keep this thing in your mind everytime. If you know how bad it is, then you should start to be thankful of course to Allah and the ones who helped us with the will of Allah SWT. Life as a student is truly challenging but the help received from all over serve as a good remedy. I have no doubt that the same thing goes to other students. Therefore, we should always be thankful. This serves as a reminder for myself and also the others. Think everyday, are you being thankful or are you being rebellious in your thankfulness. Think and think my dear friends.

As what is stated in Surah Ibrahim phrase 7: As your lord has notified (you), " Indeed if you are grateful I will definitely increase you (your joy) and indeed in case you disbelieve surely My torment is indeed strict."

Once again, lets be thankful my friends. All the advantages comes from Allah SWT, while all the disadvantages comes from myself.

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