Friday, 4 July 2014

The Last Ramadhan (05) Labour Room Edition 1435 H #TheLastRamadhan

Salam everyone,

Today the 5th day I had a long day in the delivery (labour) room after getting an invitation from my Prof a day before. 

So there I was waiting for Prof Dr. W. We have the same initial. So it will be student W and Prof W.

Selfie before starting!


Prof W: Yallah ready ya Wan. Fi P 2 CS + 1 today. Study the case note awalan, placenta previa maak acreta.

Me: Mesyi duktur (ok)

So the Caesarian Section started.

It is not as usual, Alhamdulillah the baby was well. 

Prof W: Usually we will have to remove the uterus but I tried to save it. Alhamdulillah it is okay. 

Yallah, ruh fil pre labour room. Examine kathir patients maak residents wa imtiyaz.

(Go now to the pre labour room. Examine lots of patients with the residents and interns)

Me: Mesyi Duktur. (Ok Dr)

And there I am in the Pre-Labour room.

Resident Dr Musthapa came.

Dr M: Ismak eh? Imtiyaz walla sittah?

(What's your name? Intern or sixth (year) ?

Me: Ana Wan. sanah sittah.

( I am Wan. sixth year)

Dr M : Mesyi helwa. Ana musthapa wa heyya sheriin. Yallah examine patient da fully dilated. 

(Nice . I am musthapa and she is sheriin (another resident). so pls examine this patient she is fully dilated.

So I wore gloves and examine. Ya fully dilated 10 CM.

So there I was examine few other patients.


Dr M : Ya Wan! Mumkin khud nin ampule Bumbrum min saidaliah.
( Wan can u get me 2 ampules of Bumbrum from the pharmacy)

Me: Bumbrum? mesyi

with blurry face I said okay without asking much because it was really havoc that time.

So I went to the pharmacy and got two ampules of "Bumbrum" which is actually metoclopramide... So there I got it. Another vocab here. Hehe

Then I got it and the next thing is...

Dr M: Ashan enta sannah sittah. (Because you are 6th year)
 Give her the IV injection

Me: Ok!

Later another patient was push in. This time with basal crepitation. History of rheumatic heart disease. In labour.

Dr M: What should we do to this patient? Your opinion?

Me : *In my mind : gosh he is testing me*

Okay prop up, give oxygen mask and antibiotics.

Dr M : Okay sounds right. But read more later. *Writing prescription again* Take this 2 antibiotics from the pharmacy. 

Then I ran to the pharmacy again. Took both of them and got back. 

This time I didn't wait but prepare the injection and as expected he asked me to give it to the patient. 

Dr M: That patient is ready to deliver. Let's conduct the delivery but she's primigravida. 

Excited and there we push her to the delivery room.

There I was with Dr M with arabic language. "Yallah mama, kaman shuaiya" 
(Common mama, push some more"

However there are some difficulties and we did a forceps delivery. Yes forceps delivery..

So ya alhamdulillah mother and baby were both safe and healthy.

Then Dr M: Ya Wan! Fi qaisari kaman. Scrub in maak imtiyaz.
( Wan! Another CS. Scrub in with another houseman with me)

Yay scrub in hehehe. Although being the 2nd assitant means holding retractors. 

As planned no complication things were fine.

After it was done the time shows 5:00 pm.

Dr M : Ya Wan! Dil wakti saah khamsa. Istirahah syuaiya. Mumkin ruh fil bait. Ashan iftar. Igi thani ayu wakt. Syukran ya wan! 

( Wan! It's 5pm. Rest for a while. It's okay if you want to go home. Because of iftar. Come back another time. Thank you wan!)

So I decided to go home, and had my Iftar outside. 

Tiring day but worth an experience.

See you all again tmrw!

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