Monday, 17 November 2008

Kenangan yang terindah


How are you my friends? It's been a long time that I didn't write. Well, I forgot my password and just retrieve it. Well it was a busy year in the 1st academic year.

1st academic year 2007/2008 in Ain shams university was a great memory for me. I felt the sweetness and the bitterness being a first year student. I've failed and succeed again. Congratz to everyone. Thanks to everyone for your support.

Being a second year is somehow different than being the first year student. Of course it is getting more tough, subjects I mean. Life here is still the same, still tough and getting use to it. Kind of trying to forget some of the disappointments in the first year but well we are humans we tend to remember what we try to forget and tend to forget what we try to remember. Lots of memories, but 2nd year will be more and I hope it will be more meaningful to me.

Banyak kenangan-kenangan di tahun satu.... Pahit, manis dan indah.... Tapi saya tak dapat lupakan segalanya kerana semua itu amat berharga dan berguna untuk diri saya... Last but not least, semua itu kenangan terindah bagiku di tahun 1.


nakula_sadewa said...

salam..kenangan hang ngan nadia camna?crita skit..kongsi arr ngan kawan2..huhu

khairaummah said...

salam alaik.

"we tend to remember what we try to forget and tend to forget what we try to remember"

so funny la sherhan. but its true however. i guess we better try hardly to forget all the study things. i'm sure we will remember it. give a try! :D

u will learn about memory in 2nd year. Physiology-CNS.

all the best SU!

saye said...


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patut ada soundtrack lgu samsons ni cai!