Saturday, 17 May 2008

Unity is Strength


Dear friends,

It's been a distance of time that I did not submitted any post here. Well, maybe today we'll talk about something different.

Unity is strenght. What is unity? Are we united? My dear friends, what I can see now is there are unity in our country but yet it is divided into groups. What a sad thing to know. Well maybe we can see that recently there's a change in our country. People started to think and started to change. They can't be blamed actually. However, the problem is the people who they are united under him or her.

Yes, undenieable that everyone has their own right to choose. However do you call yourself smart by supporting a person who once tried to "sell" our country. Do you call that smart? And do you call yourself a smart person by supporting a good person who is in a line with the person who tried to "sell" our country and supported him for all his wrong doing. Do you call yourself a smart person who by supporting a person who tried to win a group of person by implying hatred towards other groups in our country? Or do you call yourself a smart person by supporting a person who never be greatful of people before him and criticise people who brought him up while at the same time being unfair to other people by giving benefits to people who obey him esspecially his family?

Seems that I am to fussy to choose. Seems that everything is not in a right way. My dear friends, do you choose to support one side just because you hate the other side? Hatred is widely use now to win people's heart. Majority of the community are supporting a group because of their hatred towards the other group.

Think wisely my dear friends, how far can you go by following this kind of perception?
Do you think our community can be successful with these kinds of leader? *Leader here refers to all of the leaders in different groups.* Think on your own. I am not going to answer. It's not my right to answer for you.

My dear friends,

What we need now is a real leader who is full of credibility like one of the leader before. Not going to mention his name although he is the person that I respect the most. My Idol. However I am not going to write about him because I don't what people to say that I am bias towards him.

How can we find this type of leader? It seems that it is like finding a small treasure in the big ocean. We shouldn't be scared of the people who are in the top positions now. In my oppinion ,there is no need to make a big change such as changing a group of leaders who are indeed elite but there must be a change in the leader of the leaders. I am not sure if you are with me. That's what I think.

Dear friends,

Think before you decide. Who brought us to this kind of development? Maybe we just didn't remember that once there aren't any person know Malaysia. Who made the world know Malaysia?

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