Sunday, 10 April 2011

Less and More

Alhamdulillah, all praise to Allah,

Now, I am back to Egypt to continue my study after 2 months of unplanned holiday. Everything seems fine here. However , it seems that examination is just around the corner. Not postpone. For us Malaysian students, we should learn a great lesson to be thankful. We get to go back and come for free. I don't want to elaborate more on this. You all are smart people, you know how to appreciate things unless you are those who like to find negative things in people like what the majority like to do.

In my opinion now, students here need to give 200% in their studies since time is not being kind to us now.

For me:
-Less social networking
-Less UMNO Club Activities
-Less outing
-MORE Studying and MORE to being near to Allah

Why all the above? It's because my main occupation now is student. Without that piece of degree, people won't look at you although you boast around that "you was  president of this and that, I fought for this and that...."

Maybe some should do LESS finding people's fault especially people who helped you before.

As a  Malaysian student in Egypt, I think I should show good manners. Being thankful is the most important thing.

Stop condemning~

Back to School

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RAIHANAH ROZAIMI :) said... pakcik last nite u masuk my mimpi tanpa diundang! muahahahah...jd pelakon tambahan...muhauhau