Wednesday, 24 November 2010


How do you take failure in your life? Have you ever think why do you fail? Have you ever think how to get up from a failure. Everyone must have failed before in their life. I bet there's no one who is too perfect until he or she never failed even once. I failed too many time. How many of us take failure as a path towards success? How many of us kept ourselves in failure and never try to climb out of this "Great Wall of Failure"?

We can see people complaining and blaming others when they fail. We also can see people who lose hope when they fail. Some of them even don't care when they fail. It's not the matter of failing or success but it is the matter of how we cope with failure. How do we deal with it? Do you want to get up every time you fall? Or you'll just give up because you feel like it's the end of the world? What is important is when you fail, you are willing to struggle harder to do your responsibility to achieve your dreams. Learn from your mistakes and try to correct them. Some know that they are wrong, but they just don't want to change their style.

How many of us dare to fail? Sometimes failing is good if you know how to get up. At least in future when you fail, you know how to deal with it. For those who never failed, maybe it will be something hard to go through once you fail. In this world, you can't give up. Believe that Allah is always with us.

Failure is a lesson from Allah. It has a great meaning behind it. It maybe also as a punishment for your sins towards Allah and also sins among human. I know my failure is because I neglect my responsibility towards Allah and also being sinful for hurting people's feeling. Here , I would like to apologize to everyone who I've hurt before, I seek for your forgiveness. Once again, I hope this lesson will be my last and serve as a great lesson for me.


Anonymous said...

nice articel..
"umur anak sherhan ini berapa di tanggal 2010?"
kerana ibu (panggil saya ibu)percaya, melalui penulisan dan peribadi ini memungkinkan utk lahirnya seorang pemimpin masa hadapan..insyaALLAH
'keep your good work' nak.

Wan Sherhan said...

Terima Kasih Ibu. Saya 20 tahun. InsyaAllah, doakan yang terbaik. Maafkan salah & silap.