Wednesday, 24 March 2010


  1.  There are one hundred billion neurons in your thinking brain
  2. You have twenty thousand possible connections between each neuron
  3. There are more possible connections than particles in the known universe
  4. You have seven different equal intelligences: linguistic, mathematical, musical, visual, physical, interpersonal and intrapersonal.
  5. The brain is really a triple brain: reptilian, limbic and cortical
  6. Your brain is "two-sided": left for logical reasoning and analysis ; right for creativity and intuition
  7. Alpha brain waves are the best type for studying-they create relaxed awareness
  8. You have three learning modalities: visual, auditory and kinesthetic
  9. Neurons continue to develop and increase no matter what age the learner is
  10. You have the capacity to develop genius-level result
 Those are few facts about our brain. Now it's up to you to train your brain. You make your own habit.

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